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a legacy you can be proud of

We envision healthy and progressive societies powered by businesses that contribute to the sustainability of ecosystems and the profitability of good. That starts from a positive and empathic genetic code for each of our clients.


WeSparq helps you land on a well-defined mission and vision. We dissect these further to identify your value system, key talking points, and strategy - your guides for measurable initiatives and bespoke campaigns.

Wherever possible, we help you find partners for ethical sourcing and corporate social responsibility because every product you generate should impact marginalized and under-represented communities positively. It should leave a kind footprint on our planet, growing intentionally and hand-in-hand, with like-minded and like-hearted collaborators. 

Your brand can only be as good as the teams that drive it. We offer diversity & empathy training to build bonded teams who know that when they are seen, respected, and belong, excellence becomes a happy by-product.

This toolkit will be your playbook for your entire team, spearheaded by your corporate social responsibility and HR teams, powered by a new era of woke leadership.


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