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Food crawl (coming soon)-

Food is the doorstep into a culture's story. Spices and flavours tell of a people's influences and origins. Its techniques tell of its ingredients and technology. Every bite tells the story of home.

This all-new series is an exploration of the Filipino food scene in DC & New York in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Three friends, food & culture influencers, travel through restaurants in a Filipino Food Crawl, tasting dishes made by the unseen front liners of current time: chefs & restaurateurs.

Instagram exclusives are released on Mondays through Filipino Food Movement.

Travel reality show

Content Development



Created & Directed by Keesa Ocampo

Cast: Keesa Ocampo, Mike Ang, Raf Ignacio

Produced by: WeSparq Studios, Planet X, Filipino Food Crawl

Associate Producer: Filipino Food Movement

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